18 września / Ireny, Irminy, Stanisława

W ramach obchodów Europejskiego Dnia Sprawiedliwych wśród Narodów Świata, 5 marca 2017 w Ambasadzie RP w Londynie odbył się uroczysty finał projektu „Ucząc się od Sprawiedliwych”. Gospodarzem uroczystości był Ambasador RP Arkady Rzegocki oraz  prowadzący ten projekt Antony Lishak. Ponad czterdziestu uczniów z czterech londyńskich szkół zaprezentowało swoje prace, inspirowane aktami heroizmu dokonanymi przez Sprawiedliwych w czasie II wojny światowej. Prace naszych dzieci zostały opublikowane w postaci książki oraz znalazły się na wystawie. Wsród gości, którzy uświetnili tę okazję, byli: Sir Eric Pickles, MP oraz Lili Pohlmann, która sama przeżyła piekło lwowskiego getta. Nasza szkoła wzięła udział w tym projekcie razem z Polską Szkołą Forest Gate, Akiva School i New North London Synagoge School.

Jak powiedział Pan Ambasador: „What makes Antony Lishak’s project so unique is its human dimension. It focuses on the unique bond that was formed between the rescued and the rescuers and sheds light on the unique stories of heroism that lay behind the statistics. Antony’s approach makes it easier for students to identify with “the righteous” and to better understand the difficult choices they had to make. Such sensitive teaching encourages students to reflect upon their own attitudes in life.”

A oto przykłady wypowiedzi naszych uczniów:

„We should all use our talents to make the world a better place. We all have hidden talents just waiting to be discovered and nurtured. And once you have developed them, you can use them for everyone’s benefit and help make the world more equal. My biggest dream is to live in a world where we can all influence and inspire each other. Instead of letting war and tyranny spread trepidation through the nations, we should use our talents to spread love.” (Julia Grzywacz, 12 lat)

“It’s impossible to create utopia, I think we can all agree on that. Furthermore, it’s impossible to create a world in which there would be no conflict, otherwise we would not be human. But what we can accomplish, as humanity, is to change this world for the better. The question is how? From what I have observed from my not-so-long life is that there is plenty of discrimination and inequality in society. It’s not just the history of fascism and discrimination that proves it, we see plenty of every-day examples all the time. But although an individual can do relatively little by themselves, their actions can be an inspiration. A healthy society should reduce and decrease the differences that exist within it. I don’t mean that we should remove diversity – the variety of cultures and religions that make up our world is what makes it so special! But we need to stop treating people differently because of what they look like or what they believe in. We all need to look at ourselves. It is only when we turn intolerance into acceptance that we will minimise the problem.” (Igor Kwieciński, 13 lat)

“I don’t want to grow up in a world of wars. This planet was made for us to live in. It is meant to be beautiful and peaceful. Humans must learn to forgive and not to kill. We need to care for each other. For some people the only spark of light they see is a shell soaring through the sky – and then the rest is just dense black smoke. Some children never see the wonders of the world, because it needs peace before it can reveal its beauty.” (Wioletta Cieślik, 10 lat)

“We must learn to respect all life on earth, because things are changing for the worst very quickly. And it’s not just fighting that’s killing the planet – reusing and recycling are important as well. Everyone who shares this world has the right to be treated equally – that’s why these rights are called Human Rights.” (Adam Przybylski, 11 lat)

Wiecej na temat wydarzenia: http://london.mfa.gov.pl/en/news/learning_from_the_righteous



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